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We would like to introduce you to Gerry Son & The Smokin' Gun, a band with main founders Gerard and Roddy. We are also fortunate to have Aaron and Riki Hobkirk, who are talented session players known for their work with the band The Colony. Riki's exceptional drumming and Aaron's skilled bass playing contribute depth and groove to our sound. With these musicians, we form a cohesive group that brings our music to life. 








"We Came From The Stars We May Return Some Day…" 


Gerry Son & The Smokin’ Gun were formed in July 2019, with the collective passion for making dark, sexy, rock music that crosses genres, ages & races. "We want to make music to fill that void created by modern life", Gerry Son, 2019. The band are all based in Stirling, Scotland.

"Why Don't You Play a Little Song Like This…"


Their music is exciting & eclectic in influence, often experimental but always ridiculously catchy, with lyrics filled with passion, often tounge-in-cheek humour but always empowering to any listener who feels they don't have a voice. 

"Living Free is a Full-Time Occupation…” 


Comprising of frontman/guitarist Gerard McGlade, guitarist and sound engineer Roddy MacKenzie, bassist Gez Schieritz and drummer Ross Pilgrim, they would describe their music as dark, funky alternative rock or Food for the Soul.

"You Gotta Steal Your Heart Away, 
You Gotta Steal, Don't Let It Fade… " 


Known for their huge dynamic sing along Rock songs & energetic live performance Gerry Son & The Smokin’ Gun have amassed a repertoire of foot stomping, arena chanting songs in a short time. With their blistering rock debut Pleasure Pursuits EP released October 2019 they set the pace for things to come. Soon following this up on January 2020 with the release of Song Like This EP, a dark funky manifesto calling for rejection of mainstream music as well as the rejection of reality TV that emotional exploits and idolises mediocrity, & the rejection of mainstream movies. The remedy for all your troubles is to “Play a little Song Like This”.

 "Gimme Some of that Cheap Dirty Love…" 


On 29 May 2020, Gerry Son & The Smokin' Gun released their eagerly anticipated debut album, Cheap Dirty Love. Available on all digital streaming platforms it features 10 songs packed with our unique brand of high-energy, Cheap, Dirty, Love.  The album production was completed during lockdown and as a result it has a sexy cheap thrills during the end of the world vibe to it that fits 2020 perfectly. Check out lead single 'Steal' our summer anthem for the lost, "Stone Wings" a soaring rock track deal with the breakdown of a relationship and titular track ‘Cheap Dirty Love’ with it's tongue in cheek lyrics & searing guitar licks fully animated by Claudia Ortega Arus and Silvia de Tommaso based on screenplay by Chris Brown.

“We’ve Got Ten Minutes To Midnight…”


By Autumn 2020 with live music fully at a standstill the band decided to embark on a new project. The result was Ten Minutes To Midnight EP release December 2020; consisting of alternative versions of existing songs favoured by fans and the band alike.  Fully recorded in lockdown, each track can be seen as a cinematic acoustic instrument version of the original.  The EP also features a cover of Soul Saviour by The Colony as it’s closing track. This song is taken from the 2019 album Smoke and Mirrors originally produced by MacKenzie/McGlade.

“We’re Not Gonna Stop For You…” 


By Spring 2021 the Smokin’ Gun lads we back in the recording studio at the soonest opportunity to start work on their sophomore release, the technicolour feel good second album ‘The Future Can’t Wait’. They kicked off UK tour dates in support of a blistering run of singles. The anthemic ‘Not Gonna Stop For You’, the feel good sing-a-long’ Show Me The Money’, the latin inspired ‘Dead Pretty’ & the summer banger ‘Blinding Lights & Summer Night’. The album was released in November 2021 to rave reviews going on to become their most streamed record to date.


“So we drink dear friend of mine, look to the Stars, sing Slàinte Mhath…”


The Smokin’ Gun lads continued to tour and play festival slots into the Summer 2022 in promotion of ‘The Future Can’t Wait’, returning to the recording studio Autumn 2022 and decided to record a Charity single in aid of Strathcarron Hospice. That song would be entitled ‘Slàinte Mhath’ (pronounced Slanj-a-vah) and is a love letter to all the loved ones we have lost over the pandemic. The song encourages you to raise a glass in their memory with a toast, saying cheers in classic Scottish fashion, saying ‘Slàinte Mhath’, in Gaelic this translates to “Good Health”. 


The single released 3/12/22 with all proceeds going to Strathcarron Hospice. You can help us reach our charity fundraising target by clicking on the link below. Any donation you can afford will help Strathcarron Hospice continue to give end of life care to those who need your help most. 


Love unconditionally, Gerry Son & The Smokin’ Gun

Style and influences;

The band are eclectic in their influence ranging from 60s Pop & Motown to Blues & Rock to Glam & Metal to Funk & Jazz influences. The band have previously noted their favourite bands as The Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Guns & Roses & The Police amongst others. You can keep up to speed with what music Gerry Son & The Smokin’ Gun are listening to by following their weekly Spotify playlist ‘Gerry Sunday & Smokin’ Monday’ (See link below)

Past Members

We would like to take a moment to express our deep appreciation for the work and commitment of our past members in Gerry Son & The Smokin' Gun. Their dedication and talent have played an integral role in shaping the sound and success of our band. They have left a lasting impact on our music and we are forever grateful for their contributions. Below, you will find images of these incredible individuals who have been a part of our musical journey. Take a moment to celebrate their talent and the memories we have shared together.


Cameron Angus

Bass Player


Gez Schieritz 

Bass Player


Greg Hadlow

Bass Player


Ross Pilgrim


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