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Our Endorsements

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Guitar Picks

We are proudly endorsed by InTune Guitar Picks. Check out Gerard's & Roddy's customised guitar plectrums.

Gerard's Pick - White (Red) InTuneGP GrippX-XJJw Jumbo Jazz

Roddy's Pick - Black (Silver) InTuneGP GrippX-Xb

Check these plectrums and others at;

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Westminster Effects

Roddy is proudly endorsed by Westminster Effects.

Shown here is the Westminster Stutter Switch, Calvin Compressor and Secret Mute Switch.

"These three pedals have all been included in my setup. The compressor really smoothes my clean tone but also make for a huge distortion. The stutter is really cool during lead parts and the secret mute is really clean when engaged."

Check out Westminster Effects on the following link;

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